Arkle Web

Online Odds display solution

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Product Overview

Arkle Web is our online odds display solution. It provides your customers access to all your available bets and real time odds through your website, exactly as they appear in your tills and screens. Arkle web has a completely responsive design, allowing it to be optimised for any device including PC's, tablets, and mobiles. The design is also completely customisable - we'll work with you to match your company's branding.

Our built in management tools include the ability to upload and manage files, and display them on your website for your customers to download. Custom adverts and promotions can be created through our promotion manager.

Key Features

Detailed event display

Display all your available bets with real time odds.

Responsive Design

Optimised for all PC, Tablet and mobile devices.


We'll work with you to match your company's branding and design needs

File Uploader

Upload files for your customers (marksense pdfs etc.) via our admin dashboard


Easily and quickly upload promotions and adverts, with built in scheduler and management system.


Built on a secure framework, using Encryption, OAuth, Authentication and Authorization.