Arkle Marksense

A better way to take bets

Product Overview

Arkle Markense coupons provide a faster, more efficient way to take bets with multiple selections. Estates can generate any Marksense coupons they wish; from football to horse racing to lottery events, Arkle Marksense makes these events better for both the estate and the customer.

Estates can even make their own marksense coupons through our marksense generator, allowing them to create coupons over one or multiple sports and events as well as allowing them to change the colour and font whilst still having the companies logo firmly at the top of the coupon.

Key Features

Faster Bet Processing

Arkle Marksense Coupons allows your shops customers to make bets with multiple selections whilst remaining fast to process and edit for the shop

Less Errors & complications

Marksense coupons help reduce the amount of processing errors and disputes for your shop

Customisable Coupons

The Marksense generator allows you to customise your own coupons for whatever event or sport you require