Arkle Roulette

Virtual roulette display

Product Overview

Arkle Roulette is our virtual roulette display solution. The roulette numbers are generated every 3 minutes 9am-9.30pm daily, accompanied by a real time 3D video of the wheel spin. Arkle Roulette is a lightweight application that can run on a low spec PC or notebook connected to a display. Numbers are determined through a random number game generator running on a remote server, and all results are available to check via the web.

Shop / estate specific branding can be applied, allowing you to put your logo on the screen and on the spinning roulette wheel.

Key Features

Customisable Logos

Add your company / shop logo to the header of the software and the animated roulette wheel.

3D Graphics / Animation

Modern 3D animated HD graphics are used for displaying the roulette spin.

Online Results

All Roulette results are accessible online at any time.

Odds / Available Bets Animations

Between spins, animations show the odds and all available bets to your customers.