Arkle Screen

All in one odds screen

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Product Overview

Arkle Screen is our odds display solution which helps provide a visual aid on horses and races. Arkle Screen allows you to display horse details such as a horses form, silk colours and odds for the race along with event times and results. Our All In One system can also be customised to show an events concessions for each race along with a priority column for the next upcomming race.

The All In One is made to be precise and visually appealing to the customer whilst also being detailed and straightforward. Races will start showing early prices, live shows and results as soon as they are received through our Arkle Screen so prices will be consistent between the screen and tills.

Key Features

Detailed event display

From a horses form and silks to a meetings' distance, the Arkle Screen's detailed event display gives customers all the information they need in once place, including Odds, Horses Form, Silks, and Meeting Distance

Instant Odds Changes

Prices within Arkle POS and Arkle Screen are synchronized and will up more precise betting experience.

Custom Specials

Add your own customisable specials onto Arkle screen, allowing customers to view available concessions.

Customisable Styles

Prices, Meetings and all sections of our all in one screen are customisable, allowing it to match your branding.