Arkle Text Betting

Place bets through SMS text messages

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Product Overview

Allows a customer to text a bet to your number (e.g. £5 Rooney on 4/1 first goalscorer). All operators using Arkle when the text is sent will get a nudge and a visual alert on their screen. The first user who rejects or initiates an accept locks the bet request, this ensures multiple users cannot communicate with customers simultaneously.

If accept is clicked, the user will need to enter the bet and the customer will then receive a verification of acceptance which includes bet id, bet details and current balance in their account. If reject is clicked the customer receives a rejection notification (including their original text) and a standard message.

Key Features

Fast Bet Acceptance

Customers can place a bet through text message and get a response from the shop in a matter of seconds.

Text Alerts

Visual Alerts / a pop up window will alert shop staff of a text bet, so they can quickly accept / reject the bet and respond to the customer.

Text Bet Editing

Text Bets can be edited / processed like any other slip, using arkles bet slip editor.